Bexhill Heritage was formed in October 2017 as a society for the conservation, protection and improvement of the Bexhill-on-Sea built environment; caring for the past, present and future.
We became registered with the Charity Commission in November 2021.

Aims and charitable objects can be found in our constitution. Bexhill Heritage is comprised of ten appointed persons of which four are also trustees, it is run to support the views and interests of its membership who espouse the organisation’s objectives.

As of December 2021 Bexhill Heritage has over 370 members.

Charity number: 1196525
HM Revenue & Customs: EW83530

Minutes & Accounts
Official record of the proceedings at the meeting of the society and annual account reports.

The document embodying our fundamental principles.

Political Impartiality
UPVC Windows
Tropical Hardwoods

The Committee
The structure of the organisation.

Partners & Associates
Groups whom we worth with.