Political Impartiality

Bexhill Heritage is a charity. Charities are not permitted to engage in ‘political activity’.

What the charity can’t do:

  • Express support for or campaign for, any political party or candidate.
  • Fund any political party or candidate.
  • Treat a political party or candidate differently from any other political party or candidate.

(Individual members and officers of the charity are free to engage in the political activities referred to above but must not do so ‘on behalf’ of the charity.)

What the charity can do:

  • Work with local government officers, civil servants and elected representatives to promote our charitable objects.
  • Work with the governing group on a local authority even though its members may be drawn from one political party.
  • Provide heritage-related information to any political party or candidate on request.
  • Communicate with all political parties and candidates to seek support for our charitable objects and campaigns, and let members know how political parties and candidates have responded.