Civic Pride Award 2019


This award showcases outstanding work to preserve, enhance or extend a block of buildings, single building, structure or other heritage asset to:

  • Preserve, enhance or better reveal its character or appearance.


  • Save it from demolition or removal.

Nominations are also invited for outstanding work on the setting or landscape in which in which a building is located where such work enhances the building’s visual impact.

  • The award applies to buildings or structures in Bexhill excluding the Bexhill Old Town Conservation Area but including Collington, Cooden, Little Common, Pebsham and Sidley.
  • In making this annual award, Bexhill Heritage’s committee shall consider:
  • The philosophy behind the restoration and / or conservation.
  • The extent to which the building or structure’s original character has been maintained.
  • Any research carried out to ensure period detail would be appropriately preserved / restored / reinstated or better revealed.
  • The techniques adopted to use, conserve or re-use traditional materials.
  • The extent to which local businesses and tradespeople have been commissioned to provide advice, materials and labour.
  • Provisions for the building’s future maintenance and its long-term prospects.
  • Any response to the work by the users and / or wider community.
Call for nominations

Nominations are now closed.