Planning Correspondence

Find below our correspondence with Rother District Council on significant heritage applications and other planning related matters in reverse-chronological order. We encourage others to also submit their own comments to Rother’s Planning Department.

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September 2021

RR/2021/1455/P – Gullivers Bowls Club, Knole Road, TN40 1LJ

Summary: Replacement of club house, refurbishment of indoor bowls rink and the erection of 8no 2 bedroom dwellings together with associated car parking and landscaping.
Position: Undecided

March 2021

RR/2021/121/P – Land at Down Cottage, Collington Lane East, TN39 3RJ

Summary: Demolition of the existing barn and shed. Erection of 3no. dwellinghouses. We expressed our opposition to to this proposal. The dwellings will lie in very close proximity to the listed building, 109 Little Common Road, which has only a small curtilage to buffer it from visual encroachment such as that intended.The plans well illustrate the tiny amount of buffering which will be afforded by the curtilage arrangements for the new dwellings. Application amended to 1 dwelling, BH made two observations.
Position: Approved

February 2021

RR/2020/2418/P – Beulah Baptist Church Buckhurst Road

Summary: Demolition of existing sanctuary and Buckhurst Room hall and construction of a new church and community centre with associated external works. Retention of the Clifford Hall and new cladding and window configuration to the Beulah Centre elevation on Clifford Road. Appealed, details of appeal awaited from RDC.
Position: Refused

RR/2020/2260/P – Land at Clavering Walk

Summary: Considerations on appearance, landscaping, layout and scale in respect of the erection of 70 dwellings. We have advised Rother District Council that a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for Cooden Moat scheduled monument should be produced by Bellway Homes, as mitigation of the effects of their proposed housing development. Management Plan, including Cooden Moat still awaited.
Position: Approved

November 2020

RR/2020/1785/P – 3 Ravenscourt, West Parade, TN39 3HE

Summary: Proposed roof extension to add extra bedroom with balcony and shower room. Objected to the proposal on the grounds of the negative impact of the proposed development on the character and appearance of the area.
Position: Refused

RR/2020/1486/P – Flats 1, 2 & 6, 29 Park Road, TN39 3HH

Summary: Replacement of timber framed windows to UPVC windows. We made the observation that if PVC are to be used, the highest quality should be installed following designs and profiles as close as possible to the originally installed timber windows, following the examples on the sea-front.
Position: Refused

October 2020

RR/2020/1705/P – 31A Sackville Road, TN39 3JD

Summary: Change of use of first floor from studio/storage associated with ground floor shop to self-contained flat. The replacement windows should be of the highest quality heritage design available,such as those used successfully on the seafront,and the detailing should refer back to the style originally fitted.
Position: Approved

September 2020

Planning for the Future a White Paper Consultation

Summary: The Committee responded to a recent Government White Paper consultation on their intention to shake up the planning system. We found it to be good in parts and damaging and disappointing in others. On the positive side we supported their intention to dramatically alter the Local Plan process to reduce the timescale for preparation,simplify the process,shorten the documentation and thus make it more able to respond to emerging social and economic challenges. We were also impressed by the wish to achieve beauty in the built environment,not something successive governments have much troubled themselves about. Much less agreeable is their proposal to classify all land as either GROWTH, where permission in principle for development would be virtually automatic: RENEWAL,where redevelopment would be encouraged: or PROTECTION, where the landscape or townscape would remain subject to the same care as currently. We think this would mean that large swathes of our towns could become hunting grounds for those wishing to increase densities and building heights and bulk. Also puzzling was the lack of references to social rented housing based on a never for sale principle. We will report the outcome of the consultation when it is revealed.

RR/2020/1621/P – Sackville Mews, Unit 1, Sackville Road, TN39 3JD

Summary: External alterations to building following conversion to dwelling. We made the observation that real slate should be used for the roof, rather than imitation composite material. However the council has approved composite slates adjacent as has an appleal inspector in the recent past. Our comment was not acted upon.
Position: Approved

RR/2020/1242/P – Flat 4, 29 Park Road, Egerton Court, TN39 3HX

Summary: Replace 5 first floor windows/French doors to PVC. Windows insufficient quality.
Position: Refused

August 2020

RR/2019/2192/P – 45 Sea Road, TN40 1JJ

Summary: Drop Kerb to front of property to create off road parking. BH objected on grounds of damage to the conservation area and street scene by the hard surfacing of the front garden. A subsidiary objection on the grounds of danger to pedestrians and cyclists was also lodged, even though the highway authority (ESCC) has not objected. Refused by RDC, appealed, decision awaited. Work carried out, appleal dismissed, no action taken by RDC despite BH reminder.
Position: Refused (appealed)
Jul-20 | Oct-19 | Oct-19 | Nov-19 | Aug-20

RR/2020/1247/P – Flat 2, 37 Park Road, TN39 3HX

Summary: Proposed roof terrace with sun room and associated roof alterations.
Position: Undecided

RR/2020/1175/P – 35 Park Road, TN39 3HX

Summary: Alterations to ground and first floor flats, loft conversion and new bay window to second floor flat, replacement windows and doors, and external improvements.
Position: Undecided

July 2020

RR/2020/1170/P – 40-42 Cooden Sea Road, TN39 4SL

Summary: Alterations and extensions of existing building from 1 retail unit and 1 dwelling to form 3x commercial units and 8x additional dwellings. Development now complete BH concerns clearly justified.
Position: Approved

RR/2020/544/P – 49-53 De La Warr Road, TN40 2JE

Summary: Replacement of existing disused three storey care-home clinic with a new three storey block of 14x flats.
Position: Undecided

RR/2020/849/P – Glyne Gap Car Park

Summary: Change of use to allow siting of catering unit.
Position: Undecided

RR/2020/485/P – 1A Devonshire Square, Flats 1-4, TN40 1AB

Summary: Proposed replacement of timber windows with UPVC heritage type.
Position: Refused

June 2020

RR/2020/468/P – 26 & 26A Collington Avenue, TN39 3QA

Summary: Conversion and extension to provide nine residential units.
Position: Undecided
May-20 | Jun-20 | Jun-20

May 2020

RR/2020/254/P – 1-5 Eversley Road, Jubilee Court, TN40 1EU

Summary: Demolition of single storey rear extension. Proposed single storey and tow storey rear extensions, with roof extension. New front porch.
Position: Refused

Rother Draft Environment Strategy

Summary: Consultation Response Reply.

April 2020

ESCC Proposals for future arrangements

Summary: Highways, Street Furniture and Materials of Historic Interest.

Building Heights

Summary: Government Intention to relax planning controls on building heights.

March 2020

RR/2020/155/P – 2A Sackville Road, TN39 3JA

Summary: Erection of a four-storey combined commercial & residential development to accommodate an A1 use at ground floor & 6 self-contained flats.
Position: Undecided

January 2020

RR/2020/56/P – Flats 1-4, 1A Devonshire Square, TN40 1AB

Summary: Removal of chimney.
Position: Approved

RR/2019/2302/P – 28-34 Western Road, Bexhill Indoor Market, TN40 1DX

Summary: Change of use of first floors to 7 No 1 bed flats, and the erection of an extension upwards to the rear and into the loft space.
Position: Approved

Council Budget 2020

Summary: Bexhill Heritage’s response to the Council’s consultation on the 2020 budget (

August 2019

RR/2014/235/P – Gullivers Bowls Club, Knole Road, TN40 1LJ

Summary: Redevelopment to form 39 private sheltered apartments for the elderly, including demolition and replacement outdoor bowls green, indoor rink, club facilities and car park. It was revived by the applicants in December 2018, the required publicity period was not completed until late August 2019. Bexhill Heritage objected to the principle and the detail. This application has a long and complicated history. Applicants have now withdrawn application.
Position: Withdrawn

RR/2019/430/P – Drill Hall, Down Road, TN39 4HS

Summary: Outline application, leisure centre, housing and hotel, including demolition of Drill Hall. Correspondence and meetings with former and current leader requesting retention of the front section of the Drill Hall. Application now amended to retain the Drill Hall (owners unwilling to sell) to exclude hotel (no interest from hoteliers). Dossier prepared for submission to planning committee members no longer needed. No further action needed by BH. RDC does not intend to demolish existing Leisure Centre.
Position: Resolved
Mar-19 | Apr-19 | Jun-19 | Jun-19 | Jun-19

Beulah Baptist Church Buckhurst Road & Down Cottage Collington Lane East

Summary: Some letters to head of services (Tim Hickling) as part of continuing correspondence requesting building preservation notice and listing. RDC have now applied for listing for the church but not the cottage. We are seeking an explanation as to why Down Cottage is not a subject of an application. RDC applied for listing of Beulah Baptist Church, request refused by Historic England. New notice of demolition served on RDC, August 2020. Exact intentions of church yet to be determined.
Position: Unresolved
Mar-19 | Apr-19 | Apr-19

Possible residential development Cemetery Lodge

Summary: Letter to RDC regarding security measures at the Cemetery Lodge with reminder of previous correspondence from BH. Several reminders sent, still no acknowledgement or response. Regarding the residential development we have had a helpful introductory meeting with Councillor Jay Brewerton and the director of the newly consituted Community Land Trust for Bexhill. The trust has appointed an architect and we we await sight of their preliminary ideas.
Position: Unresolved

June 2019

RR/2018/3127/P – Clavering Walk, Cooden

Summary: Outline application up to 85 dwellings. Objection on grounds of likely damage to Cooden Moat, a scheduled ancient monument, adjacent to site. Our objections were echoed by Historic England. The applicants, Bellway have appealed and a local inquiry is to be held in late November 2019. Though the council has withdrawn its objection regarding damage to the moat, as has Historic England, BH is maintaining an objection and has appeared at the Inquiry.
Position: Refused, appeal allowed – detailed plans being prepared by Bellway Homes.

January 2019

Public Realm Strategic Framework

Summary: A letter in response to RDC public consultation – we criticised lack of any vision or guidance on East Parade and Listed seafront shelters. Restorations currently being carried out, shelter no.2 and no.3 now restored (
Position: Unresolved

December 2018

RR/2018/2801/P – Bexhill Cemetery, Turkey Road, TN39 5HT

Summary: New access in St.Marys Lane to serve residential development in the avenue and at Cemetery Lodge. BH restated its opposition to any developments in the avenue, and its support for the retention of Cemetery Lodge. It sought a condition preventing development in the the avenue.
Position: Approved without condition

Development And Site Allocations Local Plan

Summary: This Plan allocates sites for particular uses as well as setting out more detailed policies for the effective management of development in relation to key issues ( Final plan now adopted by council (December 2019) and details avaliable on RDC website.

RR/2018/2966/P – The Sussex Hotel, London Road, TN39 3LE

Summary: Extensions to existing hotel accommodation. Objection on grounds of damage to character of heritage building.
Position: Refused

RR/2018/2150/P – 30 & 32 Dorset Road, TN40 1SH

Summary: Demolition of semi-detached house, redevelopment of builder’s yard with flats. BH objection to demolition of Victorian house.
Position: Refused

RR/2018/2876/P – 40-42 Cooden Sea Road, TN39 4SL

Summary: Alter and extend with first and second floor additions, the existing building from 1No. retail unit and 1No. flat to 3No. commercial units and 6No. additional flats. Over development detrimental to appearance of central area of Little Common, set back of top-floor inadequate and crude, elevations not properly developed. Property now being marketed with planning permission.
Position: Approved

November 2018

RR/2018/2141/P – 26 Collington Avenue, TN39 3QA

Summary: Demolition of existing detached dwellinghouse. Erection of new four storey apartment building comprising 7 No. two bedroom apartments and 7 No. one bedroom apartments. BH objection on grounds of damage to character of area.
Position: Withdrawn

October 2018

RR/2018/2115/P – 5 & 7 Marina, TN40 1DA

Summary: Conversion and change of use of ground floor cafe into 3 No.flats (two within No.5 and one at No.7) including reinstatement of party wall. Additional flat in new roof to No.5 with front balcony. Other associated changes to front elevation. BH objection on grounds of inappropriate design and loss of heritage features.
Position: Refused, new application with no significant alterations to front of building approved.

RR/2018/2307/P – Wellington Place, Terminus Road, TN39 3LR

Summary: Objection drawings inadequate and lacking in detail to properly access important site along side a principal road to town centre.
Position: Withdrawn

RR/2018/2333/P – Wellington Place, Terminus Road, TN39 3LR

Summary: Object plans inadequate for important prominent site and not related to adjacent site.
Position: Withdrawn

September 2018

RR/2018/900/P – Victoria Hall, Victoria Road, TN39 3PD

Summary: Variation of condition 2 imposed on RR/2014/1670/P : approved plans amended to ‘as built’ on site. Second floor extension originally approved before BH existed. BH extremely concerned that heritage features not respected and approved plans not adhered to.
Position: Approved
Aug-18 | Sep-18

August 2018

Heritage Lottery Funding: East Parade

Summary: Rother District Council funding application to conserve the four shelters.

RR/2018/1815/P – Bexhill Sea Angling Club, De La Warr Parade, TN40 1AY

Summary: Demolition of existing building and construction of wooden replacement incorporating toilet and kiosk. Bexhill Heritage sought a more imaginative design and requested withdrawal of the application, the application was approved but later withdrawn.
Position: Withdrawn

RR/2018/1857/P – 40-42 Cooden Sea Road, TN39 4SL

Summary: Alter and extend with first and second floor additions, the existing building from 1No. retail unit and 1No. flat to 3No. commercial units and 6No. additional flats. BH objection on grounds of over development, out-of-character with village scene.
Position: Withdrawn

June 2018

RR/2017/1705/P – Spindlewood Drive – Land off

Summary: Outline application for residential development, circa 160 dwellings with all matters other than access reserved. BH objection on grounds of adverse effect on setting of listed buildings and demolition of entrance wall and gate piers on Barnhorn Road.
Position: Refused March 2020; Appealed, allowed September 2021
Mar-18 | Mar-18 | Jun-18

March 2018

Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) – Beachy Head East

Summary: Recommendation to Huw Merriman MP to make Beachy Head East a Marine Conservation Zone (

February 2018

RR/2017/2452/P – 11 Ellerslie Lane, Moleynes Mead, TN39 4LJ

Summary: Redevelopment of land with 24no. unit residential development including new access road, associated parking and external amenity areas.
Position: Unresolved
Jan-18 | Feb-18

RR/2018/273/P – St Andrew’s Church, Wickham Avenue, TN39 3EN

Summary: Conversion of redundant church building into 11 flats including external alterations and erection of bin store and bike/external store building. Work underway.
Position: Approved

January 2018

RR/2017/2552/P – 10-12 Egerton Road, TN39 3HH

Summary: Demolition of existing buildings and erection of 52 bed hotel with basement car parking.
Position: Refused