Repair of Shelter No.1, East Parade


The Bandstand was completed in June 1895. Originally erected by private enterprise and the cost defrayed by public subscription, it was later purchased by Earl De La Warr, who surrounded the stand with an enclosure to add comfort for the public attending band performances. The Bexhill Observer reported in March 1904 that “in view of the many complaints from subscribers and visitors of the the discomfort caused by traffic and strong winds, Earl De La Warr has decided to convert the bandstand into a shelter”.

A clip from the film Bexhill Mini Holiday (1968) showing the exterior of the shelter (no audio):

Bexhill Heritage is working with Rother District Council to help out with completing the repairs to the shelter. Work began in early November 2020.

Initial Condition Survey

Damaged by vandalism
Loose roof tiles
Dry rot in posts
Dry rot in mouldings
Paintwork deteriorated

If you wish to volunteer your time to the project (no experience necessary), please become a member of Bexhill Heritage and drop us an email – we’ll be glad to have you aboard.